Mark Chesnutt – Your Room

Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D

Mark Chesnutt is a bona fide country music super star having garnered 14 No. 1 hits, 23 top-ten singles and 4 platinum albums. He brought his incredibly talented band to LA to record this hi-res, 3D album.


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I met Mark Chesnutt in Forth Worth Texas in February of 2010 as he was getting ready to play a gig at Billy Bobs, the world’s largest honky tonk. I was there to video tape some of the new tunes that he was doing from his new album “Outlaw” on Saguaro Road Records. As a fan of country music and Mark, I asked his manager if Mark and the band would be interested in participating in a series of 3D video shoots that we would be doing in June. He was immediately interested and the rest is history. They flew from Texas and Nashville to southern California and played 15 of Mark’s hits for our audio and video equipment. This project is the first 3D Music Album(tm) of a major country artist. It is not a live concert. There is not audience…unless you count yourself in your own home theater as an audience of one.

Mark Chesnutt is one of Country’s true musical treasures. Critics have hailed him as a classic Country singer of the first order and some of Country music’s most elite entertainers from George Jones to George Strait echo this sentiment. Mark Chesnutt’s stature is easily gauged; he has 14 No. 1 hits, 23 top ten singles, four platinum albums, five gold records and he maintains his steady presence with a hefty tour schedule year after year.

Country music critics and fans alike need look no further when it comes to Country music basics. If you ask Mark Chesnutt he’ll tell you, “It’s the music and the fans that have kept me around this long.” In a world that sometimes confuses style with substance, Mark Chesnutt possesses both. Remaining true to himself as a traditional country artist while keeping the pace with the ever-changing country recording landscape, Mark Chesnutt has a knack for picking great songs, delivering them with his world-class vocals with real heart-felt emotion. Mark has set the bar for his generation. Mark Chesnutt’s personal integrity as well as his principal to record a genuine country song has made him a fixture on radio and in the honky tonks.

“Mark Chesnutt gave honky-tonk music back its soul,” noted music critic Robert K. Oermann. “When Chesnutt appeared on an arid musical landscape back in 1990, I dubbed him the hillbilly messiah.” Oermann stated. “I still feel that way today and I’ll feel that way decades from now.”

Audio Samples:

  1. Bubba Shot the Jukebox –
  2. It’s A Little Too Late –
  3. What a Way to Live –
  4. Too Cold at Home –
  5. Gonna Get a Life –
  6. Almost Goodbye –
  7. It Sure Is Monday –
  8. Ol’ Country –
  9. Rollin’ With The Flow –
  10. Thank God For Believers –
  11. Old Flames Have New Names –
  12. Blame It on Texas –
  13. She Never Got Me Over You –
  14. I Just Wanted You to Know –
  15. Goin’ Through the Big D –

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Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D


Mark Chesnutt

1 review for Mark Chesnutt – Your Room

  1. aixrecords_pvjrhg

    Mark Chesnutt – Your Room

    Details Category: Blu-ray music
    September 2012

    Mark Chesnutt Country Nuance, Artistry, and Honest Sound
    AIX Records 86061
    Format: Blu-ray

    Overall Enjoyment

    Picture Quality

    Sound Quality


    When sound engineer / CEO Mark Waldrep makes a recording for his AIX Records company, it’s without many video trappings. There’s usually a carpet in the center, perhaps a vase of something, and in this case two strings of lights. The musicians are grouped in a semicircular fashion around the carpet. It’s strictly barebones staging without any crowd. The sound recording follows suit, with no audio-mix distractions, sweetening, or knob twiddling. This is what the singer and musicians really sound like; it’s like walking a tightrope without a net. Mercury did this with Living Presence — set the microphones, set the levels, and let the musicians do the rest.

    I say all of that because I think not everyone will really “get” this fine recording the first time through. It’s country music, and we all expect that to sound a certain way. The “in your face” twangy sound has been drilled into our heads from radio, television, and live concerts. So when you first watch and listen to Your Room, you might feel like it’s lacking something. About three quarters of the way through, you realize that what’s missing is all the audio garbage we’ve become accustomed to.

    So, given this naked approach, how do Mark Chesnutt and his seven-piece band measure up? Just fine, thank you. I’ve always liked Chesnutt’s songs, but having only heard him in nasal-sounding mixes on the radio, I felt his voice was more flash than substance. This AIX recording proved a revelation. Chesnutt has a fine, mellow (if not powerful) voice with a slightly nasal top end — it’s not even close to what you hear on the air. And to add to that resume, he’s sensitive and subtle. Just watch and listen to the way he handles the microphone and injects ever-so-subtle expression into ballads such as “Almost Goodbye,” about a couple that fights but can’t really break up, or “Thank God for Believers,” which portrays an alcoholic arriving home in the morning to find his wife waiting up for him.

    Of course, Chesnutt is known for his upbeat songs as much as the sad ones, and according to the AIX biography he has garnered 14 no.1 hits, 23 top-ten singles, four platinum albums, and five gold records! You’ll find a lot of those winning songs on this disc — “Bubba Shot the Jukebox,” “It’s a Little Too Late,” “Old Flames Have New Names,” “Blame It on Texas,” and my own personal favorite, “Goin’ Through the Big D.”

    As usual with AIX, the listener gets to choose the sound mix. There’s a stage and audience mix in Dolby TrueHD 5.1 and a PCM stereo mix. I felt the latter best balanced the vocals with the instruments, but all were above average. The video is very sharp and clean with good color and contrast, and the camera plotting is about the best AIX has done. I never felt the camera was in the wrong place, and the balance of close-ups and long shots seemed ideal.

    There are a few good extras, such as a short clip of a performance from Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth, and there’s a bio of Chesnutt, but sadly missing are bios of the thoroughly first-rate players in the band, though a credit roll displays the names of the fine songwriters. If you don’t like country music because of the way it’s usually recorded, give AIX’s truth and honesty a try. And by the way, since it’s a studio performance with no applause, you can turn off the picture and just listen to the program like an audio disc. An HD audio disc to boot.

    Be sure to listen to: In “Too Cold to Go Home,” various members of the band embellish and counter the melody Chesnutt sings so poignantly. It’s an example of perfect interplay between singer and band, an intimacy with a recording to match.

    . . . Rad Bennett

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